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Banner - Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators - PVE 52 Model

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators - PVE 52 Model

Wheelchair Accessible Home Lift

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE52 model is specially designed for people with reduced mobility. This model pneumatic vacuum elevator allows the possibility of transporting a passenger in a wheelchair.

The vacuum elevator PVE52 has an exterior diameter of 1.36 cm and accommodates up to three people (238 kg). Available in two, three and four stops (max. height 10.5m ) it is ideal for those who want a spacious and panoramic residential elevator in their home.

There are many wheelchair home lifts, but only our pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE52 gives you the space and security you need with a spectacular design. The exterior cylinder of the biggest of our vacuum elevators is made of aluminum and transparent polycarbonate. It is also the only model with stainless steel interior cabin. A perfect finish!

The vacuum elevator greatly reduces energy costs and maintenance, as our pneumatic vacuum elevator works without pulleys or pistons. This allows for low energy consumption during ascent and zero during descent. The pneumatic vacuum elevators are econfriendly elevators.

Technical specifications 

General Specifications

Minimum Overhead Clearance

Mechanical Requirements



Installation requirements

Standard Model

Split Unit Model

Downloads - Technical Documentation & Brochures

Brochure - Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators - PVE 52 Model

Dossier Elevator PVE 52

Brochure - Colors and Finishes - PVE 52 Model

Colors and finishes

Brochure - 2 Stop Drawings - PVE 52 Model

2 Stop Drawing

Brochure - 3 Stop Drawings - PVE 52 Model

3 Stop Drawing

Brochure - 4 Stop Drawings - PVE 52 Model

4 Stop Drawing

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