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Roohki Home Automation

   "Ask ROOHKI specialist about developing a master plan
installing your first device." 

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home automation solution.   

How do small ideas bring big changes?

Ideas, style, and simplicity are what define Roohki Home Automation. We are dedicated exclusively to excellence in home automation. We understand what’s most important to you and how best to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers. So, if you are investing in automation for your home, put your trust in Roohki Home Automation.

There are many people around the world currently trying to define 'smart' and 'style', but few actually have the experience to really provide it. Roohki Home Automation has the knowledge and the tools to define what a real smart home is.

How do you control your lighting, air conditioning, curtains, security, and music? All can be done simply using one panel in your room to control lights and temperature, select an album, an artist, or a song from your play list, and press the play button on any keypad or remote. And away you go!

  • Enjoy your home control system as never before.

  • Save up to 60% of your energy consumption through our innovative automated systems.

  • Roohki Home Automation will help define your style and change the way you live your life and enjoy your home.

  • Roohki Home Automation products are a demonstration of smart home automation at its best!

  • Roohki Home Automation recommended equipment offers a home automation experience surpassed by no other integrator.

  • A cornerstone of our design philosophy is to recommend modular products that evolve with our customers' needs while achieving cutting-edge style and unparalleled performance far beyond their price tag.


The purpose of home automation is to make homes simpler, better, or more accessible. Just about every aspect of the home can be automated, if you can imagine it, it may be possible. Home automation is not one technology, it's the integration of multiple technologies into one system.

What things can you automate in a home?

You can automate all electronics described as ‘smart’ by using a mobile app or voice assistant, open-source or bought at retail. 

Lighting fixtures, home entertainment systems, home security devices, heating and cooling technologies, motorized shading systems (motorized window shades and blinds), media distribution, display and storage solutions, and more can be automated.  

Smart Security Automation Ideas

Home automation can help safeguard your property even if you’re on the other side of the globe. Here are four home security automation ideas you might want to try.

Automatic door lock 

Instruct The Delivery Person



Camera Patrol

Making Escape Easier in Case of Fires or Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smart Security Home Automation Ideas
Smart Lighting Automation Ideas

Smart Lighting Automation Ideas

A mainstay of modern smart homes is intelligent lighting fixtures. The following 7 ideas will help you maximize the benefits of smart lights in the house.

Automated Illumination Controls

Automatic Lights Off



Sunrise Alarm

Night Lights for Babies

Sunset Lighting



Smart Thermostat Automation Ideas

These devices optimize heating and cooling systems, tracking patterns, monitoring room occupancy, and notifying homeowners of household thermoregulation concerns. 

Here are several ideas to maximize smart thermostat automation.

Geofencing Thermoregulation

Monitor Humidity for Plant Care

HVAC Filter Change Notification

Landlord Property Management

Price Threshold Thermoregulation

Smart Thermostat Automation Ideas
Smart Sensors (Motion and Multipurpose) Automation Ideas

Smart Sensors (Motion and Multipurpose) Automation Ideas

A smart home can have many types of sensor, including water, motion, door, and window sensors. 

Confused as to what you need? Check out the following smart sensor automation ideas to get an idea of what can be done.

Door Opening Triggers


Mailbox Notifications

Window Triggers

Smart Entertainment Automation Ideas

We all love family entertainment in the home, whether that’s an impromptu disco in the kitchen or kicking back on the sofa with a favorite TV show. 

Here’s 5 more suggestions on how home automation can improve your home entertainment experience.


TV Bedtime

Home Movie Experience

House Parties

TV Welcome Home

Smart Entertainment Automation Ideas

Videos & Gallery

Play Video