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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator - PVE 37 Model

Our flagship and most versatile model. Functionality, design and space in perfect harmony

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE37 model is the flagship product of PVE with over 6.000 units installed worldwide. The PVE37 model is an ideal homelift for detached houses, townhouses and duplexes.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE37 has an exterior diameter of 933 mm and can accommodate two people (205 kg). This homelift is available in two, three and four stops (max. height 10.5m).

Since the vacuum elevator is primarily operated using air, it greatly reduces energy costs and maintenance, since no pulleys, cables , pistons are used. This two passenger homelift consumes minimal energy during ascent and zero during descent, making the pneumatic vacuum elevator an ecofriendly elevator.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is made of aluminum and transparent polycarbonate high strength, combining functionality with elegant design, being a transparent panoramic lift which allows 360 ° visibility inside the house.

Technical specifications 

General Specifications

Minimum Overhead Clearance

Mechanical Requirements



Installation requirements

Standard Model

Split Unit Model

Downloads - Technical Documentation & Brochures

Brochure - Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators - PVE 37 Model

Dossier Elevator PVE 37

Brochure - Colors and Finishes - PVE 37 Model

Colors and finishes

Brochure - 2 Stop Drawing - PVE 37 Model

2 Stop Drawing

Brochure - 3 Stop Drawing - PVE 37 Model

3 Stop Drawing

Brochure - 4 Stop Drawing - PVE 37 Model

4 Stop Drawing

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