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Solar Products

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Solar Products & Kits

Jakson provides a wide range of solar products for retail and commercial users. Our objective is to provide customers with easy access to solar energy & reduce their dependency on traditional energy resources. Jakson solar products are manufactured using the most recent solar technologies to deliver optimal results. Our solar kits are tested and certified as per leading industry certification standards and have carved a strong market position quickly.

Reputed Solar Products Company in India

As one of the most reputed solar products companies, Jakson has a vast clientele base consisting of both retail and commercial users. Owing to the wide application usability of Jakson’s solar products, our clients come from different industry segments and accordingly, they require solar solutions for various applications. Keeping the varied requirements of different clients in mind, Jakson Group has developed a wide range of solar products & solar kits with diverse functionalities. From Solar Power Packs to Solar Generators and Solar Water Pumps, Jakson Group has a solar kit for almost every energy application requirement under the sun.

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverter

The solar inverter comes with an array of benefits and is becoming increasingly popular globally. The primary advantage of a solar inverter is that it enables environmental sustainability. Solar inverters use renewable energy in the form of solar energy to produce affordable and clean energy which contributes to a significant reduction in the greenhouse effect.



Jakson offers a comprehensive range of solar PCUs and inverters for use in solar PV systems across various industries. Available for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid applications, Jakson solar inverters are one of the best solar inverters available in the market. Our solar inverters are designed for reliable operation even under the most challenging conditions, helping customers generate their own solar power and use it in the most efficient manner. Our Solar PCU is an integrated system that primarily includes an inverter, a solar charge controller, and a grid charger. Depending upon availability, the intelligent system automatically switches between solar/ grid/ battery power for running the load. This smart management of power source allows it to deliver power seamlessly to all electrical applications, thus significantly reducing electricity costs as well as carbon emissions.


2 KW - 60 KW


1 KVA - 10 KVA


10 KVA - 60 KVA

Inverter Features

Solar Inverters from Jakson incorporates high-tech features which enables higher power output with optimum safety and monitoring options to provide clean and e­fficient power

Higher efficiency
higher yields

Smart Online monitoring
platform for partner & end customer

Compact size & robust design
light weight

warranty Options

Wide input
voltage range

Touch key
& OLED display

Safe & reliable
multiple protections

Zero export
option available


Residential Solar Panel System


Commercial Solar Panel System


Industrial Solar Panel System


Petrol Pumps- Solar Panel System

Petrol Pumps

Micro Grids - Solar Panel System

Micro Grids

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On Grid Solar  Power Packs

Solar on-grid power packs are ready to use solar power solutions which convert solar energy into electrical energy using inverters for ready consumption. In an on-grid system there are is no storage and electricity generated by the system is used by consumers directly. An on-grid system also provides the opportunity to feed surplus power to the main electricity grid (subject to local laws). Jakson on-grid solar power packs are manufactured for use in establishments connected to the electricity grid.

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