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We are an eclectic bunch, yes !

But we guess, what attracts people to each other are the underlying values that they believe in. Through the years, we have constantly talked about what these mean to us, as defined by the acronym C.H.O.P.S …. This is how we see it now. For most of us, these are not just corporate values, but values we live by in our personal lives too.

For Us

For Our Customer

It means to care deeply for everything that touches our world – our team, our equipment, our proposals, our website, our families!


Staging inclusive home experiences where every home owners & their family feels engaged. Ensuring that our stakeholders come across as heroes.

For Us

For Our Customer


Being completely approachable. Accepting that we may be wrong or ignorant at times. Being almost “invisible”

Being grounded individuals with no airs about us. Knowing that none of us individually can do what all of us together can.

For Us

For Our Customer


No unpleasant surprises or excuses ever. Owning our client deliverables – end to end. Being responsive.

Taking the responsibility to set up our team members for success. Being always totally dependable.

For Us

For Our Customer


Going that extra mile to deliver not just a Home Experience – but an awesome one! Putting ourselves on the line every time to say – “Happy or Free”.

Not approaching our work as a job to be done – but as a calling. Seeing every home we do as an opportunity to improve.

For Us

For Our Customer


Creating an environment of physical and psychological safety through our responsible work style.

Being individuals who are like “old shoes” – safe, warm and comfortable to be around with at all times.

If you were to drop in to our office, it does not feel like a conventional office – for it is not. We don’t have fancy furniture or designer walls, but there is almost always a constant buzz of energy & a laugh is never too far away either!

We don’t have any super stars. We are all very ordinary people, who believe though, that our mission is: To Inspire WE before ME. Thanks to the quality of our people, we acknowledge we cannot be the cheapest in the market, but the fact that more than 70% of our customers keep coming back to us and pass on great referrals, tells us we are adding uncommon value.


We don’t delude ourselves that through the home experience we stage, we can transform home we come in touch with. However, we passionately do believe that we can be the sparks who get individuals & families thinking about a better way to live & work together! Don’t take our word for it – do drop in and have a quick read about what many of our customers have to say about us!

The Roohki Credo is in most parts, what we are every day. But it is also – what we aspire to be. It is also a call out to all those “awesome” people out there who think on broadly similar lines – and are still searching for a place to “arrive” at! Have a quick dekko at our culture deck and our own Roohki  anthem, to get a sense of what it is – to be a part of our team.

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